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Radar cop rear ended


radar cop parked in median is hit by tow truck driver who was towing a car who was ticketed for another offense. kinda goes round and round? something tells me radar cop had lights off? it was 1am so maybe he was in stealth mode?

Success! That officer was able to identify a motorist that should have received a warning or citation! Mission accomplished.

I guess that before I celebrate the success, I should ask if the motorist stopped for the accident, left the scene, or was he/she apprehended?

I hope the officer was okay


Non-life-threatening injuries.

Worrisome. Nobody ever wants to see the police-folk hurt. There’s been several incidents like this in the SF Bay area recently, where the police cars are sitting on the shoulder of the freeway, either giving someone a ticket, or using their radar for detecting speeders, etc, and someone has hit them from behind. I believe there’s been two officers killed for this reason within the past 6 months.

I can’t picture this particular location but generally on freeways, the Police in Minnesota do not sit on the shoulder. Instead they sit in the turn-arounds for emergency vehicles. Maybe that’s where the tow truck was going to turn around which is perfectly legal, but found the dark, unlit, path already occupied. Police sitting on the shoulder for whatever reason will back traffic up for miles and they just don’t do it when they don’t have to.

Here s the link to one of these incidents , a little over a month ago.

Actually I read the article in the St. Paul paper and it does appear that the guy was on the shoulder. A little strange but ya know at 2:00 in the morning, even if not tired, things can be a little disorienting.