Latest Hybrid car

I want to buy a hybrid car recently i am at karachi do anyone suggest any brand of car

There may be others in your market but the Toyota Aqua is known here as the Prius C and has proven to be a good small hybrid for the owners that I know. If you want or need a little larger look for a Toyota Prius.

Honda has a few hybrid’s on the market in Europe that we don’t get here in the United States.

Thank you for valuable opinion

Read this article:

I like Juke a mini sporty

I’d avoid the Prius C . . . or whatever it’s called elsewhere

Here in the USA they are considered inferior in every way to the regular Prius

It’s a rather tinny and unimpressive car, and is overpriced, in my opinion

Might as well spend a little more, buy a regular Prius, which is a more substantial car, anyways

That sounds familiar, like descriptions of the original Prius.

The Prius C isn’t rated as highly as other Prius models, but if you drive one and you like it, I don’t see anything wrong with owning one. It’s an economy version of the Prius, so don’t expect a high level of refinement.

I agree with that . . .

There was nothing horrendously wrong with the original Prius, as far as I know, but it seemed lower quality to me, compared to the later versions

The original Prius reminded me of a Toyota Tercel or Echo . . . fairly basic car, in other words