Hybrid Cars

So I want to buy a hybrid–Prius, Ford Fusion or Honda. Which is my best choice and why?

Drive them all and buy the one that fits you the best. What’s “best” for me may not be best for you. In general, a 2 - 3 year-old car is better than a new one. Depreciation is more important than fuel mileage when calculating total life time per mile cost.


If most of your driving is in cities, with lots of stop and go, traffic lights, and hills any hybrid will be good for you.

The Ford Fusion is the biggest and roomiest of the cars you listed. The Honda’s system is a bit less sophisticated than the others but works fine. The Prius has the longest track record of success in the hybrid market.

If most of your driving is on highways with only a little stop and go driving, then a hybrid is not going to offer much improvement over a conventional car. You won’t get back the investment you made in a hybrid if most of your driving is on highways.

Only you can answer the question. Do some research. All hybrids are not the same. You have to consider your normal driving situation, and your expectations from a hybrid, and come up with the best vehicle for you.

We know nothing about you, or how and where you drive. How can we tell which is the best hybrid for you?

If we said, “Buy a Prius,” would you do it?

If we said, “Buy a Fusion,” would you do it?

If we said, “Buy an Insight,” would you do it?

If I were in the market for a hybrid, which I’m not, I’d probably go with the Fusion. But I’m not you.

I have no idea what’s best for you. Here’s why I decided a Fusion is best for me: best driving dynamics of the 4 (including Camry hybrid), good room for 4 adults, decent trunk room, great interior, neat dash, decent mileage. Now I just have to get around to getting one…

None yet…IMO, they are not the best choice in cars.

Is most of your driving in city traffic, with lots of stop and go? If not you are not a good candidate for a hybrid.