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2019 Toyota Prius c - Worth it?

I am considering buying one of these, are they worth it?

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Only you can determine if it is worth it. You are the only one that matters. I wouldn’t own one, they are ugly.

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Is it worth it ? I have no idea how to answer that . Do you mean to save gas , cost of the vehicle or what.
I also say that is your choice to make . I myself don’t even drive enough to justify a complex hybrid vehicle.

I’ve never owned a Prius c, but I am the admin at the Prius FB group. I can tell you that the folks who own them active in the group adore them. Prius overall has long had a very attractive value proposition. I cruised over to Consumer Reports and found that the customer satisfaction for the c is mixed. 2/5 for 2018. The c is a pretty inexpensive green vehicle, but it is very small. My suggestion would be to also check out the Kia Niro and Hyundai Ioniq. They may cost more up-front, but they offer more as well. Let us know if you get one and how you like it.

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The Prius C has worked out well for the many owners i know. Most use it mainly as a solo commuter but it has also been a good long distance road trip car when desired. If the size works best for you go for it!

If you feel it’s a bit small get a Prius or Corolla Hybrid.

Any way you could move up to the regular Prius? You might like it better, get the same mpgs.

edit - you’d get better mpgs with the new Prius, 52-55 mpg on, vs. 45-47 mpg for the Prius C.