Land Rover urgent issue

Need your opinion on this. This vehicle belongs to frineds of mine. The vehicle was in a wreck several months ago and was repaired. Last week they drove from New Orlans to North Carolina which is where they are now. “Yesterday we noted a loud humming noise from the rear of the car. When driving it feels like the car is not shifting gears (it is an automatic). We took it to a mechanic here and he found the the rear pinion bearing is worn and needs to be replaced. The soonest he can do this is on Monday because he needs a part. Do you think it is safe to drive 800 miles before getting this fixed? The mechanic thought it would “make it”. Do you think it is safe to drive it back. What happens if it fails/breaks? Would this make it feel like the car is not shifting gears?” My opinion is that they should get it fixed so as not to get stranded. Could the pinion gear be causing the shifting problem? I had one go out years ago on a '73 LTD, but I jsut had the hum and no shift problems.

What year, model, and miles for this truck? It is possible that the problem is related to the accident. What part of the Land Rover was damaged in the accident? My daughters car was in an accident at school (500 miles from home). She had a damaged front wheel bearing and it was very loud. She said it had been that way since she picked the car. Up a few days before returning home. We talked to the insurer. They got the repair shop that diagnosed the problem on the phone with the shop that did the original work. They agreed that it was unfinished work and paid for the repair at our home.

No idea on the mileage. I believe its 3 years old. I’m more concerned about safety than who pays for it at this point. Its about 800 miles back to new Orleans.

The pinion bearing would not affect the shifting. There may be 2 problems. I would not drive the vehicle 800 miles like this. You risk being stranded or causing more damage to the rear end, making the repair much more costly. If you have AAA and you don’t care about the price, then go for it I guess.

It is very unusual for a pinion bearing to fail, especially on a 3 year old vehicle…When they do fail, there is usually a significant oil leak as the pinion seal is usually destroyed by the failed bearing…Attempting to drive 800 miles with a failed pinion bearing will most certainly lead to a very costly highway breakdown…I would get a second opinion from a TRANSMISSION shop about your problem…

Age and mileage are important to determine the problem and who pays for it. Older vehicles with high mileage mean wear and tear is more likely the culprit. OTOH, this is a Land Rover, and they are the least reliable vehicles sold in the USA.

My '98 p38 4.6L Range Rover has 214,000+ miles on the clock.Starts and runs well.
Latter. I’ve got to go check the oil again.


@42rangie, you are a sample of one. There are more problems with Range Rovers than any other brand, and that has been the case for a long time.

If in fact the trouble is with the pinion do not drive the car any more than absolutely necessary to get it repaired. Certainly not 800 miles.

I agree. Land Rover vehicles are poorly, overly, and EXPENSIVELY engineered. Sometimes you have to remove 5 or 6 items to get to the part you need to fix. Like any expensive vehicle, such as Porsche, Benz, Ferrari, you need the training and equipment to fix these vehicles. Too many things get overlooked during maintenance or short cuts taken when a ‘cheaper’ route is taken.
As for this problem, I would want to make sure you found someone to help you who knew what they were doing.
Later. I’ve got to say my prayers to the Prince of Darkness, Lord Lucas.