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Land Rover Disco 4 - Strong Shudder when turning at slow speeds

All - I’ve got a 2010 LR D4 (UK Spec) and within the past two weeks it has developed a strong shudder and skipping when I am turning at slow speeds. It is worst when I am backing up and turning the wheel (like when backing out of a parking spot). It feels like the problem is coming from the left rear side of the vehicle, but it is a noticeable, strong shudder and skipping.

I have taken it into my local dealer for service, but they have not yet been able to identify the problem. Any thoughts/advice?

Maybe it just doesn’t like dry, paved, roads…

Does this vehicle have full time four wheel drive?
If not, it should never be driven in 4WD on dry pavement.

Make sure your vehicle does not have a rear differential locker engaged either by a button or some solenoid. I am not familiar with your vehicle however real SUV’s(yours) designed for off-road have such a feature and you may have it locked. These SUV’s typically ride around in a full-time AWD mode and when off-road for extremes allow a full lock to happen. However this does not work properly on dry pavement as slippage is not possible which results in the symptoms you describe.

Raj et al. - thanks for your information and advice. This is very helpful and something i can pass along to the dealer The car does operate in full time AWD, which would lend itself to the rear differential locking as described. The problem is that all the drive modes are electronic, with a dial on the dash to change modes. there are very few buttons to push as it is all computerized according to the mode selected. It seems that the computer has gotten confused somehow and maybe the diff stayed locked after switching off one of the modes. I will try toggling through to see if this helps. Thanks, Joe