Steering Vibration in 4X4

I recently had the 4X4 motor fixed on my 92 Ford Ranger. The four wheel drive seems to work fine, but when making a left or right rutn the steering judders/vibrates quite badly. It is worse depending on how sharp the turn is. This does not happen in 4X2. Any ideas?

If your using four wheel drive on dry pavement, you’re going to destroy your tranfer case in a very short time.

A true four wheel drive vehicle doesn’t have a center differential. And because of this, if it’s driven on dry pavement in four wheel drive, it’ll cause the drivetrain to bind. That’s because both output shafts from the transfer case are rotating at the same rate. But when a turn is made, the front differential has to turn at a different rate than the rear differential. And without a center differential, this doesn’t work very well.

So when driving on dry pavement, keep it out of four wheel drive. That is unless you want to destroy the transfer case.


Thanks, that makes sense.

Tester sure hit that nail on the head. I read my owners manual and it said you could drive in 4WD on dry pavement for a short time. Then I went from snow to a wet parking lot. Now I know that short time means 50 feet without turning. It felt like I had four flat tires.