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Lancer evo clutch

Hi I installed a new clutch into my 03 lancer evo 8 about a year ago. It worked fine at the start however now it grabs at the very top and “grabs” very hard, almost all at once. Is there some kind of an adjustment i can make to make the engagement lower and increase the “grabbing area”???



Sounds like you have a problem with the hydraulic clutch cylinder and/or slave cylinder. Is the fluid level OK? Define “grabbing at the top” for us please. Is it the full release point of the clutch (foot on)? Full engage (foot off)?

what i mean by “grabbing at the top” is that when i push down the clutch all the way i have to let it out almost all the way before the car moves(if im in first). Basically its hard to get moving because the car doesnt move until the clutch is almost all the way out. Often the engine rpms go up high before the clutch engages,thus, burning it

Then you need a new clutch pressure plate or clutch disc or both.

ok thanks for the help

One way I can see this happening is if the slave cylinder push rod was adjusted too long. Now as the clutch has worn, the slave cylinder is bottomed out or possibly hanging up not allowing the release fork to gain clearance for the throwout bearing. You might get under there and see if you have fore/aft movement of the release fork.

As missleman indicated you may have something wrong with your clutch disc or pressure plate that is causing this high engagement point. Usually a worn clutch disc will manifest as slippage even though the engagement point is still in the middle.

Let us know what you find cures this situation by posting feedback.