New clutch CMC = way too high catch point

Short version of a much longer nightmare:

Went to bleed the clutch line 2 days ago, could never get any pressure in the system at all no matter what I did, had to get the car towed, spent 11 hours at repair shop, charged $400 for a new master cylinder and now clutch pedal catch/engagement point is way too high - within the first inch or first 10% of pedal travel meaning that my left knee is hitting the steering wheel every time I shift.

Is there a way to adjust this so that it happens closer to mid-way in the pedal travel? The whole reason I was bleeding the line - even though it was shifting fine - was that it didn’t engage until the last 10% at the very bottom…the complete opposite of the way it is now. That was definitely infinitely preferable to how it is now with this insanity.


My guess is your clutch is worn out, the worn master cylinder only masked that.

Just replaced the clutch last year. Only has 20K miles on it. Clutch before that lasted 200K miles. Shows no signs of slipping - either before or after this CMC change.

Well unless you have any more pertinant information that you haven’t shared with us yet, then my next guess would be that either it has the wrong slave cylinder or the slave cylinder wasn’t installed correctly.