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Lady from Bend OR and truck question

Regarding the lady with the ford econoline van,

why didn’t you ask her what kind of tires she had on the van? A cheaper alternative for her might be getting winter tires, (and possibly studs)>

FOr the trucker, isn’t the formula for the volume of a cyliner pi r2 h? So you need to know the diameter and length of the tank. That will get you to cubic feet. Then you have to use 8.3 gal/cu ft.

YOu should double check me since I 'm doing this from memory.

Thanks Joe

The dumb down way to figure out where to mark the dip stick for the truckers gas tank is.

  1. Drain the tank empty.

  2. Find what the published volume of the tank is.

  3. Divide the volume the tank can hold into quarters.

  4. Add one quarter of the volume of the fuel to the tank at a time, marking the stick after each quarter.

For the Mom of 8 in Bend, OR: Thank you so much for your question! I have 5 children (hopefully 6 soon) all ages 9 and under. We, too, homeschool and live out in the country. It caught my attention the concern in the voices of Click and Clack on the unsafeness of the 15-passenger Econoline. We were considering getting one when we have to turn in the minivan. WHAT IS THE BEST OPTION FOR THE LARGE FAMILY?? We want to have the same vehicle 10 years from now (we’ve had our Toyota Sienna now for 10 years - it’s 12 years old). We also want to be safe!