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How to siphon gas from 03 Ford Econoline to fuel generator

I had to buy a generator to get my family through power outages (no thank you Irene!) I bought a single 5 gallon gas container, figuring I’d siphon gas from my 2003 Econoline (which I’d filled up to be the generator’s fuel station). But I can’t get my siphon hose (which is maybe 3/8" wide) past whatever is blocking it on the way to the gas tank. Is there a trick to doing this (or a manageable alternative for an inexperienced mechanic)? Thank you in advance…if I can make this work, the generator will be a valuable addition to our home now and in the future. If not, my wife will never let me keep multiple gas cans in our garage, and we’re going to be very limited during power outages.
Thanks again.

Best bet, Don’t. The thing is, there are several anti-gas-theft methods used now, mainly screens within the fuel filler tube. These prevent siphoning. The only way to do it would be to remove the filler tube from the fuel tank leading to a possible fuel spill which can be dangerous. Sorry, fuel cans are really your only option aside from buying a tanker truck and having it deliver when you need fuel again.

Most modern vehicles have roll-over valves in the fuel neck to prevent fuel from running out in the event the vehicle tips or rolls over. It’s going to block any sizeable hose from going down the neck into the tank.

What’s wrong with multiple gas cans?
Aside from the newer designs being a PITA to use, they’re pretty well sealed. One can or twenty, there’s not much difference, especially if you’re parking a car in there.

I have quite a few cans. They only get filled when there’s an impending emergency. Once the power outage is over, I gradually consume them by filling the cars, boats, lawn tractor etc. They could be empty again the next day if necessary. For Irene, I have 15 gallons left over and will simply pour that into the vehicles when they’re low enough to accept it.

We won’t go there as to why the wife is dictating usage of the garage… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Um, you’ve got 20 gallons in the truck in the garage and maybe another vehicle and you don’t want to store 5 gallons in a can. All the gas tank is is a glorified gas can. Plus you need to use a fuel conditioner and non-oxy fuel for that or when you need the generator, you’ll be pulling the carb apart by candle light trying to get all the gum out. I’ve got a 5 gallon can, a one gallone can, and a one gallon can of mixed in my garage and no problem for 30 years. Plus I’ve got 5 gallons of kerosene and about 60 gallons in the vehicles.

It’s not a good idea. I would get a gas can to hold any fuel that you may need for the generator, lawn mower or weed eater. It’s much safer that way.

If you are currently still stuck w/out power and really just need to get gas out of the van you could disconnect the line someplace, connect a tube between it & the gas can & apply 12V to the fuel pump.

The downside to that idea is that if you aren’t all that experienced in messing with cars you’ll probably do more harm than good, including creating danger. You’d probably need a special disconnect tool for the fuel line. Then there’s the energizing of the pump. So if that all sounds like a lot for you to figure out don’t try it.