Lack of power

2003 Toyota Tacoma 2.7L. Have new O2 sensors and catalytic converts, but still when taking off it has no power, then all of a sudden the motor comes to life and the RPMs shoot up. Any ideas? Thanks.

Is the ‘Check Engine’ light on? Know any codes? Usually, your problem is fuel or air metering. Or even a vacuum leak.

If it happens when first staring out in the AM, wouldn’t be the O2 sensors, as the O2 sensors don’t start working until they get hot. If your engine uses a MAP, that could be a suspect to cause this symptom. Faulty EGR system could cause it too. The EGR has a complicated control system (sometimes called the EGR modulator) that prevents it from operating when it shouldn’t. If the EGR operates when it shouldn’t, hesitation and loss of power would result.

You have to give people a lot more to go on than that. You have a 10 year old vehicle. No one here knows anything about it. The problem apparently has some history to it including error codes…we could hang around making a list of ideas all day long but blind guessing won’t get you anywhere.

So anyway…mileage? Maintenance history? How has diagnosed what and how (e.g. to replace the sensors and converter)? Etc.