2003 Tacoma - losing power

My 2003 Tacoma appears to be losing power. While driving at a consistent speed, it will dip about 200-250 RPM, I feel it pull back, and then it pops back up and catches power again. It will also lag on acceleration at low RPMs. I changed the fuel filter hoping for a cheap fix, but no luck. Any ideas on what is causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just want an idea before I take it to the shop.

Also, no “check engine” lights so far.

Manual or automatic?
I-4 or V-6?

When was the last time you had the throttle body cleaned, the spark plugs changed, and what was the last thing that was repaired on it, and how long ago?


V6 automatic. Never changed plugs but I was planning to take it in this month before the problems began. Never cleaned the throttle body. Is this something I could do easily or best handled by my mechanic?


Sorry, forgot about repairs. the last repair was two years ago. I had to replace the “computer”. Had the water pump, belts, timing chain replaced at that time as well since it was on the schedule to do anyway. No problems other than this recent development.

I keep forgetting to get the spark plugs done for some reason.