KUMHO ECSTA ASX Rotation Direction

I just bought a full set of stock wheels and tires for my recently purchased 350z that had the wrong wheels on it. The stock set has Kumho Ecsta Asx tires. They are supposed to be DIRECTIONAL, but they have no arrows visible as most other directionals do. All I have to go by is that I put the 7.5" wheels on front and the 8.0" on back, and there is a little curb rash on the 2 that I mounted on the right. The tires don’t have a V pattern, they all have a diagonal looking tread pattern. i.e.: Looking down at car (from above with front of car at top of picture) the pattern on each tire looks like / , with groove starting at right front of each tire and ending at left rear of each tire. How do I know if they are mounted correctly?

Can you ask the company you bought them from? (I know this is a little simplistic)

I would have had this issue resolved before I mounted the tires,who did all the tire and wheel selection? What about asking the people who mounted the tires,I am sure if they are directional they took precautions(who wants to dismount and mount for free)

Can you look at each pair side by side and see a difference in tread direction?


That tire sure dosn’t look uni-directional to me.

Why do you think it should be?

I agree. This does not look like a directional tire, and every directional I’ve ever seen has had arrows on the sidewall indicating direction of rotation.

some tires have the embossed wording,left front,or mount this side out left.and running 2 different width wheels,the tires are labeled accordingly.

good luck!


I bought these from an individual, OEM takeoffs . I only see a very slight difference in the center tread.

I don’t have a website and I don’t sell tires, if that’s what u mean. The only marks say “outside.”

there’s your ANSWER,.(OUTSIDE)they are non directional tires.


good luck!

STILL SKEPTICAL,in PA. MICHELIN ,now thats a tire!(and I dont sell tires) just have five vehicles and they work,WONDERS.

in any condition.pricey yes! but you get what you pay for.

You are SO right. I finally found Kumho’s contact info and they replied, “The ASX is Asymmetrical, mount the outside ?OUT? and you will be good to go.” Thanks, to all who responded.

Well, there you go. Outside is outside.