Knoking sound from the front left wheel and noise when turning left

Mazda 3 - 2008 - 1.6L - 205,000 KM
Got this knoking sound from the left wheel and the right wheel, it happens when I’m turning the wheel left and right. see it in the video down below.

Car also makes this sound when turning left

There are a number of possibilities: ball joint, tie rod, upper strut mount, spring, spring isolator. Hold your hand on each while you have someone turn the steering wheel.

I would not drive the car until this is figured out.

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Inner and outher tie rods are brand new, the ball joint looks good, no play and the rubber is in good shape.
front struts had been replaced a month ago, my mechanic would of told me if something is wrong with the springs and the strut mounts.
everything looks good undernet.
What about CV joints?

Anyone else?

Was it making this noise before you had your struts replaced?There is a possibility that one or both stabilizer bar end links were not properly fastened during installation of your struts.

The noise was there before the struts had been replaced

Have you tried a stethoscope to pinpoint the noise? The good news is that the noise is quite repeatable with the car at rest.

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