Knocking noise!

Whats up you guys.
I got a 2012 dodge Challenger.
When Im driving at a low speed she makes a single light knocking noise when I press the gas peddle. Anyone have any suggestions. Thx

umm, if the engine is running, it is engaged. Perhaps you mean the transmission is engaged.

Or do you mean you hear the noise when the engine is not running? that would be very strange.

When Im driving at low a low speed.

I meant right before it revs. As soon as I press the peddle is when the clunking/knocking noise happens.

Have you checked the oil level?

What engine do you have?


It’s likely either inside the engine or outside. A good mechanic would have some hunches after hearing it, and have a logical plan to follow. For example, to eliminate external, run the engine briefly with drive belts removed.

Yogi! Where have you been?


Oil and tranny oil is fine. Engine. V6 3.6

Anyone checked the motor and tranny mounts?

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A challenger with a 3.6???
My Dakota has a 3.9

In my younger years a challenger was a challenge
Only the "Grandma model came with a 3.7 slant six, but anyone that wanted to impress anyone opted for the 426 Hemi that came with 425 Hp off the factory floor.

Just teasing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Talk about dumbing something down!!!


I experienced a very slight ticking at around 2,000 rpm when driving my 2010 Kia Forte 2.4L I4 in quite residential neighborhoods. I was afraid of a timing chain failure (it has 3) Dealership did a stethoscope check and determined it was the fuel injectors clicking. The 1965 426 cu in hemi dual quad cross ram which was rated at 425hp produced 629hp on a dynamometer! I bought a 1976 Plymouth Volare 2 door with a 225cu in slant six which had a factory 4 speed M/T with factory Hurst shifter. They called it a 3 speed overdrive as 4th was overdrive. It was almost fun to drive!

Do you mean it just knocks once, and never again? Until you press on the pedal again I mean, when it again knocks just once? That sounds more like an engine/transmission mount problem, or possibly a driveline problem, than an internal engine knock to me. If it made the knocking sound all the time you were accelerating, that’s more of an internal engine problem.

hmm … if I had that problem myself, I’d rev the engine in the driveway and watch how much the whole engine and tranny shift and rotate referenced to the body of the car during the rev. And whether that movement corresponds to the knocking sound. Next – assuming this car is rear wheel drive — I’d raise the car up enough so I could crawl under and twist on the driveshaft u-joints, checking for play. There shouldn’t be any play at all.

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You could try a tank of premium gas to eliminate the “spark knock” possibility.

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I’m leaning on this not even having anything to do with the engine internals.

Motor Mount, Tranny mount, even a Ball joint that’s on it’s last leg.

Can the Poster answer this. Does this noise only appear when you begin from a stop. Or does this happen also when you are going down the road at a constant speed and then goose the throttle to speed up abruptly.