05 Pontiac Grand am

I am hearing a weird knocking with every rotation of the left front wheel and I know it is not the cv joints. I replaced the wheel bearings on the car a week ago . I think it maybe the brakes have got loose and hitting the rotor or the wheel might be loose but I’m not really sure and it knocks faster with acceleration. Any ideas?

Since you replaced the wheel bearing a week ago are you sure the lug nuts are tight? It could be that simple.

Does the knocking stop when the brakes are applied?


Yeah I checked the lug nuts. And also I took it for a drive and it was still knocking when I applied the brakes

If the knocking is when you apply the brakes, the brakes are suspect. Shims are your friend, though if you do not drive it much could be as simple as rust spots on the rotor.

Okay. Check if that tire has something stuck in the tread.

I once had a Prius come in for knocking noise out of one of the front tires. What had happened was that tire had a 3/8 dia X 3" long lag bolt stuck in it. So each time the tire came around with bolt to the road, the bolt got pushed up and hit the inside of the rim making the knocking noise.

You should have seen the look on the owners face when I showed him what I pulled out of the tire.


Not the wheel studs but check the bolts that retain the actual hub assembly. I had them come loose once after replacing a hub and made a knocking noise. Tighten to spec and use thread locker.

REcheck your work. If you replaced the bearigs a week ago, you may have left a bolt un-tightened and it is working it’s way out. So every revolution it contacts something.
Just jack up that side…remove the wheel…and spin the rotor by hand, watching and listening for the problem.