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Knocking sound from wheels

Hi there,
I have 2012 honda odyssey ex-l. I had a minor car accident. Huge SUV hit the van from the behind and I had to replace the whole bumper. However, I noticed after a couple weeks later that I hear this knocking sound when I make left or right turn. It’s been almost consistent now. When I make right turn, I hear it from the driver side and passenger side when I make left turn.

When an accident happened, I was waiting for the green light, so I stepped on brake… My questions are:

  1. Could it be possible that this is caused by this accident?
  2. What maybe the issue and What’s going to cost me?
  3. What’s the danger if I keep driving until it gets worse?

Thanks in advance…

Maybe you should contact your insurer and tell them there is a residual problem. They will tell you where to take the van to get it checked. It might be coincidence, but it might also be related to the accident. It all depends on how hard you were hit. You said a minor accident, but we have no way of knowing what that means. Get it checked quickly before the other guy’s insurer denies responsibility completely due to the lateness of the complaint.

I would have it looked into. Sounds as if a CV joint may be damaged. Since it is easily duplicated, it should be easy to find.

Concur, this sounds like CV joint problems. It’s entirely possible some or all of the CV joints were damaged in the collision, especially if you had the brake on full stop when it happened. There’s some steel ball bearings and races in the CV joint that could deformed by a force like that. The good news is that this is easily fixed by replacing the half shafts as a unit for short money. No need to deal with repairing the CV joints individually.

I’m seeing about $200 each parts price for each of the two half shafts, plus around 2 hours labor to replace both. So if your shop confirms both half shafts need replacement, you’d be looking at $600 or so, parts and labor.

Be aware that the Touring version of this vehicle uses different part numbers than the others, so if you have the Touring version, it might run a little more money.

As for CV joints . . . if they are bad, I would insist on genuine Honda parts

Aftermarket parts can be a real gamble, in this instance

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