Clicking sound in honda

My 1995 Honda odyeesy ex front wheel drive has had a clicking sound for the longest time i have had it about 4 years and when ever i turn either direction i hear a clliick cllliiiccck click click click sount the people i got it fromsaid it was a missing bolt on a under carrige or heat shield but i heard it would be my C/V joints wich could it be? when i had my brake fluid flushed the shop did not say anything but mabey he did not notice it.

The clicking sound when you turn is usually a sign of a bad CV joint in front wheel drive vehicles. A competent mechanic should be able to diagnose it pretty easily.

If you bought it like this and drove it for 4 years without even asking a mechanic when it was in the shop you are beyond my help.

Even An Older Honda TSB Recognizes Clicking While Turning Noises In These Cars And Tells How To Determine Which Outer CV Joint Has Gone Belly-Up.

The CVs must be somewhat problematic in these Hondas.

While lightly braking, make circles around a listening observer, one direction and then the other. The listener is supposed to hear the difference.


Your mechanic would notice if the boots were torn. If they were not torn, then they have been replaced at some time in the past, but they were torn at some time.

We have a 97 Honda Accord. I remember doing an oil change once, and I checked the boots as I always do and they were good. Three weeks later, my wife complained about the clicking sound and sure enough, the boots were torn. They are rubber and they only last 7 to 8 years, more or less depending on climate.

Once the boots tear, some of the grease gets out, the remaining grease attracts all the road dust/dirt/sand that it can so it wears down the CV joint very rapidly. This no doubt happened in the past and either the mechanic at that time either just rebooted the axles or put in reman axles, which are someone else’s worn out axles with a heavier grease and new boots. In either case, it will click on turns until brand new axles are put in.

New Honda axles run about $500 each plus labor. There are new aftermarket axles available for a little over $100 each plus labor that are just as good.