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Knocking Sound Ford Fiesta

2016 Ford Fiesta standard not automatic makes knocking noise when key is in ignition before starting engine I have video playing sound put would not let me upload it. Once car is started the knocking stops

Try uploading it to youtube and putting the link here

Can you localize the area from which the sound is emanating?
Is it inside the dashboard area? (My prime suspect…)
Is it coming from under the hood?
or… ?

It might be a faulty HVAC door actuator that’s making the noise, especially if it seems to be coming from under the dashboard. One thing you got going for you, with knocking sounds it’s always better that it occurs with the engine off vs on.

Could also be ABS activating - the valves opening and closing or whatever it does. I get that in my 1999 Honda right after the engine starts. Sound seems to come from just in front of the firewall passenger side. That’s where the ABS unit with all the brake lines coming in and going out is.

from dashboard area

Then it is extremely likely that the noise is coming from a balky “door” in the HVAC system.

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