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2011 Ford Fiesta front knock sound in cold temps

My Fiesta has only 33,000 miles on it. For at least the last couple of years, I’ve noticed that I start to hear a knocking sound coming from the front passenger side of the car when it gets really cold, below 20-25 degrees. Once it gets up into the twenties again, the noise goes away. I live in Chicago, so we are experiencing some very cold temps right now.

Is the knock a higher pitched knock? Sort of like a ball peen hammer on a bowling ball sized rock? Or lower pitched sound? And does it get faster when you rev up the engine?

It could be the antisway bar (AKA sway bar) knocking around in its cold, hard rubber bushings. If that and only that, it is not a safety concern. But get it checked out.

Hi Shanonia,

My mechanic said it was the link connecting the sway bar (stabilizer bar). I’m not sure it HAD to be fixed, but the noise was so loud and annoying that I had it repaired.

Thanks for your prompt response.


Good. Thanks for getting back with your solution!