2014 Ford Fiesta Ticking noise

My 2014 ford fiesta has started making a ticking noise occasionally. I have not been able to figure out what causes it as it has happened in cold (>32F) and warm (45F) right after start or has been running for 20 minutes. It sounds kinda like a relay clicking right below the dash. It will tick about 10-15 times and stop. It ticks with a consistent frequency that does not seem to change about 1s between ticks. I brought it to my mechanic but it never happened when they were looking at it. Just now it happened with some friends in front of the car and it sounded louder inside the car than out with the engine popped a little.

I have about 66k miles on it and it is a manual SE version.

One possibility is a sticky blend door or actuator. Can you successfully cycle through defrost, floor heat and vents? Do you get warm air on hot setting and cool air on cold setting?

That could be. Does the clicking happen even when the engine is off, but the ignition switch is in On or Run position?

Mine does that unless you have your fan set in the on position. It is the gear in the actuator. The teeth have broken and it is trying to spin and it can’t. I just turn the fan on in the car until the car is warmed up and it doesn’t do it.

I agree with this comment 100%. Also does your rear defrost or any other led’s flash at any point. This can also be an indication that there is an HVAC fault.

How To Replace a Clicking Ford Fiesta ST Blend Door Actuator - YouTube

take a look at this video, does it sound like this??

Sorry, i didnt realize this was a very old post until now. my bad