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Knocking or Flexing Sound

Last week, I had a right front wheel bearing replaced in my 2005 Buick Century. Now it makes a knocking or flexing sound when I accelerate from a standstill or come to a stop. Sometimes I hear it when I turn the steering wheel when stopped.
Could the mechanic have damaged or loosened something while replacing my wheel bearing?
Could it be an engine mount? Loose struts?
Any answers will be appreciated.

Knocking I get, flexing I don’t understand. Is it on the same side as the bearing replacement? The knocking could be a worn stabilizer bar link. Spinning them with an impact wrench removing them can damage them. Or on a 13 year old car, it may be time to replace them. Have the mechanic that did the work look it over to make sure he didn’t leave something loose.

Bring the vehicle back, and ask that they check for a broken strut spring.


I brought the car back to the mechanic Saturday morning, it was cool and rainy and of course, it wasn’t making the clunking sound. Could it be a heat-related issue? Could it be a worn CV joint that acts up when it gets warm from friction?

If you don’t answer my questions, I can’t answer yours…

It’s a knocking noise. I can’t tell which side.

Can you post a sound clip when its doing it?We are just guessing here.

So what is a “flexing noise” ??

Similar to a squeaky floor.

I’m still thinking worn stab bar links. They clunk and creak, moisture would tend to quiet the squeak but not the clunk though. Could also be CV joints or a loose steering rack. Also agree with @tester check for a broken spring… the last coil against the strut is a good place to look.

I don’t have my car now (Oct 13 morning) it’s in the shop. The noise on the You Tube video link is similar, but my car makes it mostly on acceleration from a standstill or when coming to a stop. It doesn’t make the sound when cruising on a smooth surface.

I just called my former mechanic (now retired). He told me it could be worn engine mounts considering the 150,000 miles. is it possible? I just relayed this info to the shop where the car is now.

Yes, that is possible

I can’t see how worn engine mounts would cause a noise under that condition.