2006 Dodge Durango clicking noise

I have a 2006 Dodge Durango which I LOVE!!! I have noticed a clicking/knocking noise when I am driving coming from under the hood. The noise used to diminish somewhat the longer that I drove. Now the noise is getting louder and doesn’t seem to lessen as my drive time increases. Any ideas what this could be or has anyone else had similar problems?

Does this noise exist at an idle and at low RPMs with the engine in Park or Neutral?

If not, this could be a pre-ignition rattle which could be caused by any one of several things; gasoline octane, EGR system fault, knock sensor fault, etc, etc.

If the noise is present at idle then it could be a valve lash tick. That could lead to questions about the type of motor oil used, how often it’s changed as to time and miles, etc.

It does not happen at idle. I only hear it when the car is moving. The faster I drive the faster the ticking is.

Are you saying that it’s an engine tick that changes with the rpm of the engine? Or does the tick get faster or slower depending on the speed?

What engine do you have in this? And how often is the oil checked/changed?

Try this to help us diagnose this.

DRive to the crest of a pretty nice big hill where you can travel at 45mph. A quiet rural area(no noise from other traffic) Radio off and no distractions.
After you crest the hill and start down the other side…still going 45mph…put the shifter in neutral, let the engine idle and let the car coast down the hill.

Note if the clicking slows as the engine idles, or does it keep speed with the moving car and slow as the car slows .
If it keeps pace with the engine speed then we know it’s an engine issue.
If it keeps pace with the car itself and the engine is at idle, then we can think that it is a drive line problem, or suspension.

If it is the later try this. I use a place where they have those rental storage units. Level area and buildings on both sides, and usually little traffic.
Try driving between the buildings at a safe speed with the front windows down. Any noise will bounce off the buildings, and with the windows down you may be able to notice that the noise is worse from one side rather than the other.

THen come back with the results.