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Noise while applying brakes

After front brake install I have a continuous clunking/knocking noise coming from passenger side while applying brakes as I am coming to a stop. Doesn’t do it while braking in reverse or during normal driving. I have double checked the brake install and even installed a new rotor and different caliper with no success. Jacked up front end and checked all front end components, ball joints, cv axles, stabilizer bar etc. for looseness and nothing stands out. I feel nothing inside the vehicle, brake pedal, steering wheel etc while coming to a stop, just hear the noise. This is baffling me to no end.

Is yours '04 - '09? Check the rear lower A-arm bushing at that right front wheel.

Yes it is I will check that

That wheel needs to have the brake system inspected. There may have been a mistake in the brake pad replacement. Bolt loose or left off, etc. Also check for rocks getting stuck in the wheel, sometimes that happens. If new rotors are installed, they must be thoroughly cleaned in hot soap and water prior to install. They come with an anti-rust coating, and if that’s not removed it can cause weird symptoms like this sometimes. If that happens , besides cleaning the rotor, usually the pads are contaminated now & need to be replaced again.

Continuous knocking? What is the frequency, how many knocks per revolutions of the wheel?

Took 1 pad from driver side and 1 pad from passenger side and swapped them, sound is gone. GO Figure

Maybe the brake parts that are supposed to be free to slide a little in normal operation, weren’t. And swapping the pads rearranged stuff enough that it unstuck whatever was bound up. It’s critical to the system’s function that the brake parts that are due some brake grease get a dose during any brake job. And of course the parts that aren’t supposed to get a dose of brake grease, don’t.