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Kinda stupid question, but I have a blank

Whats the name of bar on the left and right of the engine? Support bar? I have a blank lol.

Strut bar is over the engine*, so I dont know theses :confused:

Oldsmobile just referred to them as diagonal braces, or more fully “front end sheet metal diagonal brace”.

I mention Olds because that is what is pictured.

Strut tower braces IMO and they’re there to add some stiffness to the chassis.

Also, your question is not a stupid one at all.

They’re called a lot of different names, especially when they’re in the way of what I want to do. :sweat_smile:

They’re there to provide a bit of additional support for the strut towers… or the corners of the front body structure, depending on the car and on who you read.

But “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (Will Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet). :nerd:

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This man speaks true! I have to replace the radiator in my SO’s sister’s car this weekend, and those bars will have the same name as the torque mounts that I also have to remove in order to get at it. And that name would probably get me a warning from @cdaquila if I used it here. :wink:

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