2019 Equinox hanging bar

Can anybody tell me what’s hanging underneath the left driver’s side of my equinox?

I don’t know exactly. Looks like some sort of brace or sway bar. Did you recently have the car worked on, oil changed or anything?

torsion bar maybe

It looks like a stiffening brace for the uni-body.



No service recently… just got back from a road trip and drove on some rough roads. I’m just wondering if it’s an urgent fix

Yes it is an urgent fix… it is a part of your car hanging down dragging on the ground! It is not designed to do that.


Urgent as far as a huge safety hazard if it were removed, I’d say no. Urgent as far as if you back up and the hanging end catches on the ground and shoves the bar forward damaging the engine or radiator, I’d say yes. Should be an easy fix to bolt it back. I’d remove it temporarily until I could get the right size bolt to put it back. It looks like it’s hanging pretty low…


That is a cross brace for the chassis. Tie it to the mounting holes using clothes hanger wire so that you can drive to a shop to have the proper size bolts installed.


I will do that… thanks so much!