Kinda, Sorta, Like, Driver Information ... For Sure, Man!

Having just learned that some vehices are being produced, for the common good(?), that have oil pressure gauges, (which by thier very nature, must report variable readings … It’s a Gauge!)with gauges that are of no more help than “idiot

lights” (On or Off!), I have questions.

1)What other deceitful items are being built into cars, that I don’t know about?

2)What’s next in built-in automotive misinformation? (for instance … Are we on our way to cars that recalibrate the speedometer if the traction control senses low traction so that I think I’m going 55 mph, as indicated, while actually going just 33 mph, to keep me safe (for my own good)?

3) What else is there being used and what do you think could be on the way?

The more computerized they get , the less you can work on them yourself and the more they do all on their own ( “open the pod bay doors HAL.” ). what’s next ?
Currently OnStar can dis-able the accelerator on some GMs when asked by law enforcement if , for example , it was a stolen veh.

I’m with you on the speedometer mis-read and have often wondered if it changes with time, but have never taken a stopwatch out during a trip.
The catchall “check engine” light fools everyone into the shop for the slightest glitch, even a plugged air filter.
Next? A laser pointer style gadget that cops can use if chasing you, they could disable the car’s computers at the touch of a button instead of chasing for miles and miles at high speeds risking life and limb of countless public.

Frankly, most gauges beyond speed, fuel level and maybe temperature are more or less ornamental. There’s no reason for the driver to need to know what the oil pressure is so long as it’s over the minimum and a gauge is no substitute for a blazing red warning light. Ditto for “battery gauges” whether in their ammeter or voltmeter form-- so long as it’s charging, what does it matter?

I think the MPG gauges would be high on my list of devices feeding questionable information to the driver.