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Kids Dogs and Mopeds

I Just got my self and my wife some 49cc scooters/mopeds, old 80’s Honda ones that I have fixed up. I would like to take my dog to work with me, and my wife wants to take our 4 year old daughter with her. After some discussion she came up with the Idea of getting some bicycle trailers from wallmart, and fitting them with brake lights and turn signals.
I called the Nevada DMV and they said " um, no!", But call your local sheriffs office to be sure. I did They said “sounds cool go for it”, and “all the same laws that apply to bicycles apply to mopeds”.
I Read the NRS (Nevada Revised Statues) The laws… They do not say I can or can not…?
Before invest the money on trailers does any one have any thoughts on the legality of this??? Or safety of this???
Thanks in advance

If you are going to base your decision on opinions of random strangers who are neither attorneys, nor Nevada law enforcement personnel, nor Nevada DMV employees, you are likely to get a surprise that you don’t like if you go ahead with this plan.

My suggestion is to request statements in writing from the Nevada DMV and from the local sheriff’s office. That way, if and when you receive a summons for a traffic violation, you can use these written statements as your defense.

Incidentally, if you place your 4 year old child and/or your dog in a trailer pulled by a moped, I think that your judgment is very much impaired.

I agree with VDC - this is NUTS. Sorry.

This can only end well…

I can guarantee that using a vehicle licensed for the road to tow an unlicensed bike wagon with a 4 year old through traffic will get someone upset enough to have some one from child protective services check your parenting abilities.

I agree with the above…and would add…

They do make special trailers specifically for motorcycles…I’m sure you’ve seen them. But they’re designed to carry gear, not living beings. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would consider putting a Child in something they can’t get out of.

In a m/cycle accident, your first task is to get away from the bike. It’s a big piece of metal that can kill you. You’re going to trap your child in it. IMO, NOT the brightest of ideas. This little vehicle should be considered as every other vehicle on the road. Just like a motorcycle, and subject to the same laws. You have to stop at stop signs and lights, use turn indicators and all the rest.

I believe if you read closer in “The Laws” you’ll find a statement in there somewhere that says something along the lines of “designed for such use…”… If it isn’t illegal, it sure as heck should be.

consider a side car instead?

Thanks, My gut feeling was it was a bad Idea. but my wife was adamant that I check in to it further… A call to the Nevada Highway patrol, answered all my questions…
In short, "do not pass go, and do not collect $200 dollars, GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL, I think will just stick to Sunday rides while the kids and dogs are at the sitters! …
Thanks Again!

“consider a side car instead?”

With a 49cc scooter/moped???
A sidecar would weigh a lot more than the little scooter/moped, and with that tiny engine, what is now a slow-moving vehicle would likely not be able to move at more than a walking pace. This would make for quite a traffic hazard, IMHO.

Really DUMB. Let your wife drive the Mo-Ped long enough to get a little road rash and she will have a different opinion.

Like the others, I think you should drop the idea. The “trailers” I’ve seen for bikes hook onto the seat stem of the bike or the frame just below the seat. Not sure where you mount it on a Honda Mo Ped.

What is the speed of the mopeds? Bikes towing a trailer usually go pretty slow. If you go too fast I’m not sure about handling of the bike/trailer combo. Then there is braking. A moped going downhill on gravel with a trailer and kid in back - not my idea of fun.

Taillights and turn signals for the trailer are the least of your worries.