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Kia sportage 2012 headrest

Does anyone own a 2012 Kia sportage? If so, I’m wondering how comfortable the headrest is. I tried a 2010 and the headrest was really uncomfortable (at least for a short person :slight_smile:

Why Do You Inquire ? Are You Considering Buying A Sportage, DenverD ?

Many good folks on this forum suggest locating and renting a vehicle similar to the one you are considering, especially if it’s not a typical vehicle or you’re not the most typical driver.

It’s tough judging by another person’s opinion. Also, it’s tough doing so by just a brief sit-down in one. See if a friendly dealer will let you drive one on an extended (distance/time) test-drive or see if there’s one to rent. The money spent could save you headaches and money.


Most new vehicles, the head rest is actually a head restraint. In the event of a crash, they are shaped the way they are to prevent whiplash and any related injuries. This usually results in them being uncomfortable if you actually rest your head on them for any length of time

If you can’t rent or get an extended test drive, perhaps my experience will help you a bit:

I’m 5’ 4" and have a 2012 Sportage (EX trim). The headrest has been an absolute non-issue for me; I do not tend to try to rest my head on it while driving, and unless I tilt my head back just slightly, I never know it’s there. By comparison, when I test drove the 2012 Honda Crossover (I think I’m mis-remembering the name of the model, but that’s close!) it was an instant no-go because their head restraint style forced me to tilt my head forward because the restraint jutted out so far!

If you have small hands like me, the Sportage steering wheel may be an issue; the thickness of it, along with the limits of its height/tilt/telescoping adjustability puts my hands & wrists in a position that causes some discomfort & mild cramping at the base of my thumbs on long trips. Weird, I know!