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2002 Kia Spectra smells like gasoline through heater vents when starting car

All of a sudden, there is a distinct gasoline smell coming through the air vents for the first 15 minutes of driving. I never noticed it before now and we haven’t had any service done recently…

Does it have something to do with the cold weather?

What might it be? I assume that if I can’t figure it out myself, I need to take it in ASAP…gasoline fumes cannot be a good sign.

You’re right. You do need to have a mechanic check it out. And yes, cold weather can have an effect on the rubber hoses, and seals, which carry gasoline, on the engine.
If you want to make like a good Boy Scout, carry marshmallows (for roasting, you know).

I suggest you open the hood and carefully inspect the fuel hoses to see if there’s a leak immediately after cold-start. You might be able to see something. If you can smell gasoline, then it’s leaking somewhere.

i’ve seen evidence of a fuel leak on the right side of the engine looks like a fuel pressure regulator i’m trying to find a gasket or prong that goes in there