Kia SpectraBlower Motor Won't Start

I have a 2000 Kia Spectra. The A/C works, but the blower motor/fan pushing it through the car is not turning on, which leads to a really hot car unless i’m going over 45 mph.

I’ve tested with used but working parts, and have determined that the blower motor itself is fine. The blower motor resistor was just replaced, so should be fine. The dashboard switch is good as well. I’m not sure what else it could be other than a wiring problem. Any ideas/suggestions?

Have you determined if it is a fuel or spark related issue?

You might try running a length of wire from the battery to the blower motor. If it runs, the problem is that the motor isn’t getting power. If it doesn’t run, then either the blower motor is defective, or the ground for the motor is bad. If the blower motor runs with a feed directly from the battery, then get a test light and trace the power back from the blower.

I had already tested the blower motor to see if it was working by hooking it up directly to the battery, and it was. Thanks for the test light idea though, i hadn’t thought of that at all.

I don’t have a test light, but using a multimeter i tested the voltage of the battery and of the power connection to the blower motor. The battery is almost 12 volts while the blower motor fan connection is nearly 11 volts. Is the voltage supposed to be the same as directly from the battery?

There will be some slight voltage drop in the wiring between the battery and the blower motor so if you lose about a half of a volt it would seem about right. At least while the blower is running.

Your trouble shooting practice is good and you are close to finding the trouble. You have only left out one other key thing to check and it is a common failure point, that is the blower relay. By replacing that I suspect you will be getting air movement again.

typo in my earlier post. The voltage at the battery is 12.6 while the voltage at the plug for the blower motor is 10.9. I’m guessing a drop of nearly 2 volts is not normal?

ANy idea where the blower relay is? in the engine fuse box, or seperate?

With no load on the + wire at the blower that is way too much voltage drop. With a load is is probably still too much. I would be checking for problems between the battery and there. Just for giggles, attach a load at that point, use the biggest auto bulb you can find in your car or just use the blower motor. Check the ground side of the connector with the switch in the highest position. You should only have a few ohms of resistance.

I checked the blower relay in the engine compartment box, and it was fine. I don’t do too much electrical work, what is the best way to figure out where the wiring is losing voltage?

where did that idea come from. He’s talkin about the heater fan.

The best way to check things out is to use a voltmeter and measure across the device in question. For instance, a good switch connection will have very little voltage drop across it since it should be a short ideally.