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Kia spectra

inside windows of car freezes… What could be causing it

Despite the fact that you haven’t told us the age or the mechanical condition of your Spectra, I am going to venture that the most likely cause of your problem is operating your HVAC system in the recirculate mode. Operating in recirculate mode should be done only for very brief periods of time, unless you relish the prospects of fogged-up/frozen windows and also–possibly–being asphyxiated by CO fumes.

If you are not operating the HVAC in the recirculate mode, then the other possibilities include…

A leaking heater core
Failure to thoroughly clean snow & ice off of your shoes/boots before entering the car

Car is a 2004 spectra

Car is parked and not running, and in morning go out to car inside is frozen

Do you have a lot of passengers riding in the car besides yourself? Besides the above, that could be a factor. The more people inside the car, the more water vapor. Anything that contributes to water vapor inside the passenger compartment will result in the water vapor depositing as ice crystals on the inside glass surfaces in very cold weather. Here’s something maybe: Air conditioning removes water vapor from the passenger compartment, so running the AC from time to time might help get the water vapor out, but I admit running the AC might not be very comfy in the winter. I think on some cars it is possible to do this using the AC without cooling off the passenger compartment. Maybe look in your owner’s manual.

The primary reason is that is is cold out there.

Having lived in frigid cold in Alaska and Northern Maine…I learned a little trick to help with the problem. I shut off my heater a few minutes before I arrive at my destination. It helps quite a bit believe it or not. I’m like most people because I run my heater full blast right up to the point where I park the car for the night. If you do that the warm air inside the vehicle will condense and freeze on the inside of the window…especially if it’s very cold outside.