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2017 Chevrolet Cruze - Ice inside

Does anyone have a Cruze hatchback where they have ice forming inside the car windows?

Jo10 , it really does not matter if anyone else has this problem and if they do the chance of them replying is slim. You are still under the warranty so see the dealer about this.


If it is really cold out and you have the HVAC system set to recirculate cabin air, moisture will build up and freeze on the windows. Alternately, if you bring in a lot of snow on your shoes, moisture will also build up.


Make sure it’s set on fresh air, not recirc. To drive out moisture, it may help to park in the sun with windows open a little; if floor mats are wet, bring them into a warm place to dry.

I used to own a VW Rabbit hatchback – sort of shaped like a Cruz HB – l lived near a Colorado ski resort, and never noticed ice forming on the inside of the windows, if that’s of any help. Fog would appear on the inside windows of course, and ice on the outside, but never ice on the inside. I think there may be an unexplained and possibly hidden source of water or coolant inside your Cruze. Check under the carpets in the area the ice seems to form most robustly.

Ice on the inside is a real thing here in Duluth. Gotta be vigilant about knocking snow off shoes, and no heavy breathing in a cold car! Moisture is in the air and when the car is off and cold some of it freezes onto to inside windows, very thinly, but enough to block vision. It won’t build up and stay unless the HVAC is on recirc and it’s not set to defrost. Many cars now don’t even let it be in recirc with the defroster on.