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Kia Soul + versus Honda Fit Sport

Trying to decide between the two. We have a 150# newfoundland that we are shopping for and my husband and I also go to music festivals during the summer and need to bring camping stuff. We had a vibe that was totaled in a car accident that we loved, but tried the matrix and decided we like the Kia & the Honda better. Buying new, great incentives… any suggestions? Right now it seems like a toss up!!

The Honda Fit is the roomiest car for its size. It is also top rated for reliability and low operating cost by the latest Consumer Reports April 2010 Auto Issue.

If you are looking for long term, reliable car ownership I can’t think of a better buy.

That does not mean that the Kia is a bad machine; the Fit has a proven record, and you will also be amazed at the amount of room insde with the seats down.

Soul will have more head room. Not sure if the front passenger folds flat. Honda had a big recall with the fire in the door panel but it should be fixed. Go with the one you like more.

Both are reliable and get good gas mileage. Pick whichever one you like best.

I’m with Doc…If I had to recommend a car to some one on a post; it’s going to be the one from the company with the longest standing reputation making a presently well regarded car. Take your chances with a Fit is my humble advice. Kia may be an “up an coming” car company with good models; but you’re flexible enough with your yoga, you need not take the chance of having to be that as well with your schedule if car trouble arises. You sound too busy.

I love my Fit. Check one out.

If you like the funky styling of the Soul, why not look at a Nissan Cube?