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Kia Sorento Production numbers 2005

Does any body know how to find the exact production numbers of a vehicle? I have a 2005 KIA Sorento LX with a 5 speed and have never seen another one.

It probably depends on where you live. I don’t see many Mazdas or Subarus around my area, and I have the only Cx-7, that I’m aware of. Another poster on here says he hardly ever sees a Toyota or Honda in his neck of the woods. In both our cases, there are no dealerships for those vehicles close by. For me, the closest Mazda/Subaru/Volvo/VW/BMW dealerships are a good 40 miles one way away.

Just go to any Asian country and you’ll see lots of them. They may not all be called Sorentos, since in some languages the name might mean something embarressing.