2017 Kia Sorento V6

Took my 2017 Kia Sorento to the Honda dealer I bought it from last year (it was certified, and it came with bumper to bumper 100,000/10 year coverage)… They fixed a transmission leak and an oil leak @ no cost to me. They also replaced a worn coupler in the steering column BUT now the button to open the gas door isn’t working AND the button to open the rear hatch door isn’t working, both Worked before they did the work. What do you think they did??? I wrote this before I had a chance to call them, but just wondering what they could have done.? They are 2 1/2 hours away so if I can get it figured out in my area, that would be great. To get gas I had to locate the manual fuel door release. (I.m Not mechanically intelligent but i read the manual…LOL) The rear hatch can be opened with key remote or just stand near the door with key and it opens…but the buttons inside just left of the steering under dash area are dead.

They may have needed to disconnect the wires when they did the steering repair. I would poke around and look for a disconnected harness. Should be fairly easy to spot, although you might have to lay on your back to get a good look under the instrument panel

The switches are unplugged, the tech didn’t reconnect the switches when installing the lower dash panel.


THANKS…‘me’ looking in the instrument panel would be futile. I gotta a guy though.

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It is behind the switches, you probably can see a connector dangling or not plugged in properly. If you are unlucky, they ripped the wires on the connector which makes it more of a pita to fix.

The switch connectors will be so difficult to reach that the panel will need to be removed to do so.


That’s wise. There’s a wealth of practical info in those things!

I surmise one connector was not plugged back together. The shop that did the work can probably figure out what/where pretty quickly. Let’s hope they will be responsible and helpful.

Most shops can access the wiring diagrams for any vehicle, so someone nearby may be able to locate and fix it fairly easily. Maybe the distant shop will reimburse you. Good luck and please let us know the outcome.

If I had this problem I’d ask the shop for a small discount on the job, and if granted, live w/it. At some point the panel will likely have to be removed again for another reason and the connectors will be easy to plug in. This sort of problems often comes with newer cars that have lots of gadgetry.

More nonsence George , we know that you are a charter member of the Luddite Club. I always buy our vehicle’s with most of the Gadgetry I can get and have not had any problems nor have my friends who also like the Bells and Whistles.