Belt Squeals - Corolla 2007 36,500 miles

When I start the car in the morning the engine has a squealing noise coming from the belt. The belt appears ok - no nicks or cracks. After warming up/driving the car the squeal stops for the remainder of the day. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks. Bob

No cracks or nicks means NOTHING…Did you check for glazing???

You could spend hours trying to find the cause…Just replace the belt.

Thanks Mike. I will have it replaced.

A loose belt will squeal, and a belt that squeals will become glazed and squeal more. Visual inspection isn’t a good test. Considering how inexpensive belts are, I usually just replace them if they start squealing. I will check the tension, and tighten the belts if they seem loose, but if that doesn’t stop the noise I install a new belt.

Unless there’s a problem with another component, a new belt should stop the squeal.

Thanks for the info. Bob