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Kia Sedona AC series of unfortunate events

It all began with a temp control knob thing. The air would stop blowing cold but I could wiggle the knob to get it to work.
Then, the cold air would quit when idling. I know, I should have had it looked at then.
Within a week or so no cold air at all.
Got a tank of refrigerant with a gauge. Hooked it up and pressure was zero. Bummer. It would take any.
Checked fuses, AC relay, voltage at triple switch, all ok.
Bypassed triple switch, still no compressor.
Voltage at thermistor cable disconnected 5v (not sure if this is ok)
A curious thing- while trying to add refrig. If I moved the temp knob I could feel a change in air temp from hot to noticeably less hot :slight_smile:
It’s 100+ degrees here in AL! Help! I’ll take to the shop if there’s nothing else I can do, but can’t afford for them to make bad decisions. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.