2015 Kia Sedona - AC issues

Going on long trip the AC will stop blowing about 2 hours , cold air out as soon as I get home from the trip it works fine

Most likely you have low refrigerant. You could also have other, more serious problems like a failing condenser or compressor. Have your ac checked out and proceed from there.

Thanks I had it look at they think I should use the air circulate button/ it only doesn’t work on long trips went it hot.

That will help but IMHO it’s a workaround instead of a solution. You should at least be getting cool air even with the fresh air setting unless you’re driving through Death Valley in July. For my information, what temperature is “hot” in this case?

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Thanks for the Information I will let you know Thanks

Sounds like the evaporator coil is icing up. The next time this happens switch off the compressor but leave the fan on, see if the air volume is restored after a few minutes.