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Kia leasing offer. Am I being duped?

I’m a current customer of Kia (leasing a 2014 Soul) and received a early lease termination offer that involves making my last 4 payments and applying $400 credit towards any turn-in fees if I leased another vehicle.
I’ve been very interested in the Forte5 SX, have test driven and convinced this is perfect for me, and found this page :
to ballpark my selection.
I go through this… select SX trim and no options as the base package is fine by me, include my zip so the system knows what region I’m in and get an estimate of $215 per month 0 down. Of course there are asterisks all over the cost related items, but figured it would be a good starting point.
Contacted first dealer and got a price of $300 per month, with another I got a range -
311m/2000dn, 3000m/2500dn – all the way down to the $215 level, with $4k down.

What am I missing here? Should I not expect a figure close to the build site’s estimate? I mentioned this tool to the sale’s folks, but they didn’t seem to care, so I walked on both (first dealer came back with a $271m/0dn offer which I’m considering).

Am I being unreasonable in thinking that the estimate tool should be relatively accurate (I’ve done other homework on this that would indicate it is in the right vicinity) and the price should be within this amount?

It is reasonable for the dealer to get the maximum he can. It is your decision on whether to deal, or move on.

Having never actually looked into leasing a car, it is my understanding that you pay more for the ability to lease- is that correct? The perks of trading in a vehicle every couple years is built into the price (as I understand it.)

I think the operative word is “estimate”. I’m sure one of the asterisks will point to “actual price to be determined by participating dealer, license, fees, taxes, credit worthiness, and other items”. Nothing is final until the contract is signed.

Leasing has more ways to padd extra costs onto the final financial agreement way to own a car. If they try to walk you to another price, walk your way on out the door. Sounds like you have 4 months to find a new lease, if that is what you wan’t. Don’t get in a hurry, you did your homework so get your deal. Good Luck!

The vehicle built online is a guideline. Some areas of the country have a larger demand for certain models than others. Some dealers include tag and taxes some don’t. The lease cost through manufactures might be lower than the lease financers’ the dealer want to use. Also finding a vehicle that is an exact match for the one you built online is rare. I don’t think there is any duping going on just business.

Lease offers on last years vehicles are intended to move aging inventory, finding a left-over vehicle that suits you may be a challenge.

The numbers that I see are;
$218/ month
$2218 due at lease signing
-$3100 discount on vehicle cost

The $3100 discount probably can’t be combined with the early lease buy-out so these prices won’t apply in your case.

If OP is running up against mileage max than getting out of lease early could be a good thing. If I had a zero down lease with modest payments but drove further than planned than getting out early could be good. But only if I don’t get duped on 2nd car details.

We had the same offer, a 1 year newer car for $271 a month vs 200, one year newer,for $71 a month, really? Getting rid of Old stock I guess as mentioned previously. If you plan to lease another KIA, e were told mileage will be forgiven, not a problem for us but a question well worth asking if you are concerned about miles. (I sure seem to have to do more edits on this site than other places due to spelling, anyone else?)

The lease “offer” from a Kia web site or any other brand will not include fees from the dealer and DMV. In my area the dealer will charge a $600 or $700 dealer fee plus fees for registration and state leasing fees of $200. These fees are taxable. In addition there is a $225 DMV fee which is non taxable. Are you looking at the same trim level as website example? Changing trim level may change the deal. A particular trim level may have factory “cash on the hood” to adjust regional inventory.

" Zero down" lease offers often have no capital cost reduction but still have fees. I calculate leases on a “total Cost of Leasing” basis. I add all costs, fees and taxes and divide by the number of months. I also include early termination or end of lease termination fees. I don’t care what a dealer charges for fees, if they meet my target price.

Ask the dealer for a breakdown of their fees etc. They can’t change the residual and have little or no influence on the cost of the money(APR). Just as when buying a car, they can adjust the sales price (Net Capitalized cost)