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Kia forte starting issues

I have a 2018 kia forte. For some bizarre reason my car starts and runs…then it wont turn over until i jump it. Starts right up. I had dealer check alternator…starter …battery …all pass test. Could i have a bad cell not holding juice?

Kia vehicles are not my forte, but perhaps I can illicit some more responses. Many features of cars are not make/model specific, but sometimes problems and solutions are.

Not trying to offend or insult, but maybe you could explain “won’t turn over”. We get people posting things about starting problems and not everybody defines “won’t turn over” the same way.

To me it always means that the engine does not have any turning of the crankshaft, no rrrr, rrrr, rrrr, while one tries to start it. There could be a click or ticking or silence, but no engine movement.

To others, it means the engine crankshaft is going around when the starter is engaged, but the engine will not come to life and run.

Please clarify and we’ll go from there.

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