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Kia Drier/Accumulator keeps shearing off bolt

I have a 2003 Kia Sedona with about 85K miles. Last year, I had a major A/C leak which I finally narrowed down to the hoses. I had those replaced, system evacuated and recharged, and all was well until this past summer. The compressor finally went out. I had it replaced with a new compressor, new drier/accumulator, evacuated, recharged, etc. I had it replaced at the latter part of the summer, so it was getting cooler and we weren’t using the A/C constantly. Anyway, about 3 weeks after the new compressor, a bolt sheared off of the accumulator and all the freon leaked out of the system. I took it back and they replaced it under warranty, another couple weeks go by and it shears off again. Replaced again, this time not aftermarket, but with a genuine Kia part, and it just sheared off again yesterday.

Any idea why this would be happening basically when I have replaced the entire A/C system? The mechanics don’t seem to have any idea why it will do this, and I haven’t found anything online that seems like a similar issue.