KIA Class action lawsuit letter

Got a class Action suit notice for a Kia optima we leased, 2014 to 2017. Turned it in at the end of the lease, no problems.
Reimbursement for repairs for stalling, knocking, engine failure, engine fire, illumination of oil lamp or other engine short block repair.
$140 goodwill payment for not covered repairs plus $1500 for the 2014, if you had delays between 61 and 90 days an extra $50. Some lawyer needs a new yacht I guess,

The lawyers are the only ones to really cash in on those suits.

Some years back I got a letter in the mail that said that I was part of a class action suit against eBay because eBay had screwed sellers over somehow. I didn’t even know that I was offended…

Some months later I got my settlement check in the mail; a whopping $3.28. I never even cashed it; just framed it for laughs.

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Around 2005 I bought an attic ladder from Lowes as the one I “inherited” with a house purchase nearly killed me, breaking under my weight (under 190 pounds… is that so much??)
Anyways, having this “near miss”, I decided to buy the ladder made of metal, not some wooden sticks, so I paid $100 or so more at Lowes for the one which looked solid and was made of metal.
Around 2010 or so I’m getting a letter notification I’m apparently covered to get a replacement one under some class-action lawsuit for the hinges breakage, so I decided to “kick the tires” and indeed hinge snapped exactly were it was described, it was only me prepared for that and not getting any injury, so I joined and received a set of replacement hinges and bolts few weeks after.
Then around 2013 I’ve got another letter that now I’m part of yet another suite and they are sending the complete replacement ladder… at that point I was upset from the first issue and joined again… to receive a wooden ladder I was trying to avoid in the first place :frowning:
2019 the metal one disintegrated in yet another hinge, it was another near miss, and I finally installed the wooden one … to discover it’s actually quite nicely made and probably I should not have avoided it back in 2005 :slight_smile:
For me, both class action suites paid off nicely :slight_smile:

The family got checks for $1 /ea after a class action law suit involving my grandfather’s life insurance.

I got a check for around $30 for a class action lawsuit because my cellphone company here in CA has been charging us extra taxes that they did not pay. I have been with them for 11+ yrs, so not sure what the math is. I will cash the check but something tells me I am still being taken.

I wonder if I should have crushed myself under the harbor freight jack stands and see if my family will get some money :grinning:

The Kia letter is probably for the Theta II engine. The only good thing about that lawsuit is that you get lifetime warranty. I think we will hold on to our Sonata as long as possible. Not much resale value and I can get a new engine anytime this one fails.

Only a year after buying a new clothes washer I received notice of a class action lawsuit. The lawyers made millions. Washer owners were offered a free service call to fix the alleged defect. Upon reading the fine print it was about the fact that model washer has more than average unbalanced loads, a problem I’d already discovered. The free fix was to limit the spin cycle to a very low speed that would leave clothes sopping wet and take four times as long to dry. No thanks. I just kept on being careful to balance loading the machine and whenever a load gets unbalanced I stop it and rebalance the load. Happens about once a month.

If any recall fix or supposed compensation on a vehicle were to similarly severely limit the vehicle’s performance rather than truly fix the problem I’d probably change cars.

The results of this class action law suit will result in owners being reimbursed for prior repairs for engine failure and fire damage, also an extended warranty on the short block.

There have been many class action law suits during the last 15 years that resulted in free replacement of engines, transmissions, brake system components and even dash pads.

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I’ve got a Lowes aluminum ladder. Maybe I need to send it to the aluminum recycling bin rather than get killed. I’ve always thought those hinges looked a bit flimsy and that’s why with the ladder extended I always took a piece of heavy rope and lashed the sections together; just in case. I never fully trusted it anyway.

To my surprise and delight, I received a check for close to $300 as a result of a CRT class action suit several years ago. While it is true that most of the settlements that I have received over the years have been for chump change, this is evidence that it is possible to get a decent settlement from these suits.

I noticed you didn’t mention fiberglass ladders

Do you have something against them?

I’ve been quite happy with my Werner. I’ve had it for quite a few years, and it’s seen a lot of use

you were spot-on the brand I had all that adventure with :slight_smile:

back when I bought the metal one, fiberglass ones were not in our local store, but that’s a good idea for when the wooden one shows its age

I use attic above garage as a storage, so mine has a lot of use too

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not money, but maybe a new jack stand :slight_smile: