Class Action Settlement on Toyota Scions

I received a strange letter in the mail today. It was talking about a Class Action Settlement on Toyota Scions. Has anyone heard about this? Is it real?

The suit is real. It might be stuck accelerator pedals. If you web search for ‘scion class action lawsuit’ you’ll get lots of information. Which issue was your notice about?

Who sent you the letter? There are unscrupulous people and companies out there that want to weasel themselves into the middle of anything to make a buck. Be careful.

The letter should give details about the suit and the cause. What does it say?

Don’t opt out of the suit unless you intend to sue Toyota yourself. You might miss out on a check for seven or eight dollars, maybe more. I got my $5.68 from the Allstate suit for being overcharged.

After further review, I got the same postcard for my Yaris today. You should go to the website listed for more details. I haven’t had unintended acceleration, so I may not be eligible and I left the card downstairs and won’t see it until tomorrow. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to the website. This may be worth more than the seven bucks.

I got one last week for my wife’s 06 Sienna, I believe it’s for the acceleration issue.

Ed B.

What’s it for?
As JT said, a quick Google search will yield the information you seek.

Just be very careful of anything you sign or any information you supply. Do your homework. There are legitimate class action lawsuits, lawyers who try to creat class action lawsuits for small problems so they can pump their amounts up, and scam artists looking for sufficient information to rip people.

The “rear hatch handle” lawsuit is, IMHO in the second category. The amount of damage caused per person is only about $300, and the root cause isn’t even the handles. It’s the hatch struts being inadequate to lift assist the heavy “high strength steel” (for crashworthiness) hatch. The struts fail prematurely and the owners end up using the handles to lift the heavy hatches. My son and I have Scion tC’s, mine a 2005 and his a 2006, exactly the same. I changed my struts for heavy duty struts when they started becoming week; he didn’t. Mine handle is fine, his is broken.

Thank you everyone, for your input. It is about unintended acceleration. My Scion is a 2008 and is used. I just bought it last year, so I haven’t had any issues either. I did go to the website, but they just ask for me to fill out a claim. It makes me nervous.