Kia brake warning light


Have a 2003 Kia spectre, the hand brake light has come on and stays on. Does Kia have any other warning light circuit built in. Had a toyota with this and it meant the brushes on alternator were going. Any info?


Most modern cars have the brake fluid warning sensor attached to the brake light now. Check the brake fluid level in the brake reservoir. This is also an indication the brakes are worn. The disc brake calipers fill with brake fluid as the brake pads wear. When the pads are near worn out, the calipers hold enough fluid to reduce the reservoir to the minimum line. A float sensor will trigger the brake light.


It is not the brake warning light proper, but the emergency/hand brake light that is on. Checked fluid etc, also rear pads to see if drag, etc-doesn’t seem to be brake related.


If your brake fluid is topped off, and if the e-brake is not on, then I would also suspect that the alternator is in its last days. I experienced the exact same symptoms in a Subaru, and a couple of days later, the alternator died.