Keys stuck

Hi my keys are stuck in the ignition and turn with no friction so the car will not start I had my ignition switch replaced 1 month ago. Do you know what the problem may be?

Not knowing the age of the vehicle I’m going to guess the key cylinder needs replacing or the linkage inside of it.

The cylinder is different from the switch.

Which was replaced?

The ignition switch replacement has probably come apart. I’d get in touch with whoever did that job and get them to fix their faulty work.

I have this problem often with my '97 Prelude. There is an ignition switch assembly recall on mine but I never had it fixed. I just jiggle the key several times until it works. Maybe they didn’t completely replace the damaged part of the assembly. It’s always fun when someone new tries to drive it (esp. a mechanic) and can’t get it to work. They think I have some sophisocated security system! Good luck.