Key Stuck In Ignition Switch



A ‘family friend’ had a new key cut for her 2002 Hyundai Elantra. After she inserted it in the ignition switch and turned it, the key wouldn’t come out! It will not turn to the LOCK position. It will turn to start the car and then stay in the ON position. She inserted the key ‘a while’ (vague on the elapsed time) after purchasing the key and did not save the receipt. The store where the key was cut will probably deny any responsibility as the blank is generic and could have been cut anywhere.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to remove the key? Note: She has been driving the car this way for more than a month and no one has taken it yet! Not much of a market for stolen Elantra’s I guess!


The ignition switch assembly will have to be taken apart - then the key will come out. If you do it yourself, be sure to put a good key into the keyhole before you reinstall the switch assembly - that’ll ensure proper alignment.

And as much as I hate going to the stealership for anything, this is one area that you should. Next time, tell her to get the key made off of the VIN at the dealership, and to test the key in both the door lock and the ignition switch BEFORE she leaves the parking lot.


Not sure this info will help but a friend’s roughly 5 year old Pontiac–not sure of model–with key stuck in ignition problem. Turned out to be a solnoid(sp?) problem and dealer’s cost of fix $300.


I would start by working with the transmission lever, brake pedal and key. Make sure the parking brake is fully on. Are the brake lights working? Check them.