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Keyless Entry/Security

Nissan Versa hatchback, 2011.
How much do you think I should expect to spend on the hardware/component, plus installation labor?
Also, generally speaking, is one better off going to a dealer, or a standard auto custom/electric/alarm shop?

If you are talking about just an after market alarm forget it and save your money. Your car should have some theft features already, check with the dealer but check your manual if you have it.

There are many posts here where someone has trouble with after market alarms.

As for price it depends on brand and supplier , Google is your friend.

Are you saying that this 2011 Versa most likely has both of these features in it already, and I just need to buy key fobes and have them programmed?

If you have the SL hatchback, there is remote keyless entry. Otherwise, no.