CRIME GUARD 550i6 Alarm but Basic install?

Its on sale and they will only do a basic install for that price (no remote entry):

Different model review:


I never used an alarm - is it good to proceed? Recently an incident on TV - Toyota Highlander was entered by thief using an unknown keyless entry - caught on tape - so perhaps install w/o remote entry might be good.

Appreciate any advice - I am still deciding whether or not to proceed.

It has a 2-way pager but range seems 300m.


I would not install an aftermarket alarm of any kind. They are just future headaches in the making. The failure of these items is almost guaranteed. Do not proceed.

I agree 10% missleman. I wouldn’t install one if someone gave it to me.

Your experience with your alarm is going to depend on the quality of the install and if you expect the alarm to do things it was not designed for. My feelings with using the staff from an electronics store to do automotive electrical work is it is a big crap shoot.

I think the reason alarms get a bad rep. is that people do not know what to do (or has to be done) after the battery is disconnected and reconnected and how to program/re-program their remotes. The installer should avoid making “piggy back” connections at the fuse box (very fast) and use the correct crimp tool (the secret to making solderless connectors work).